I am a Consultant Pediatrician, Chairman of the Pediatric Club in Abu Dhabi with more than 638 members and the Chief Executive Officer of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre (PRC).

For the past 15 years, while practicing in Abu Dhabi, I observed the big gaps in the provision of medical services for kids, one of them is rehabilitation.

That is why this facility was thought of. It was a dream that is now real.

PRC caters ONLY for pediatrics with ALL disabilities, physical and intellectual.

PRC provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of those kids.

PRC’s specialties include Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy.

In PRC, and whenever required, we offer families a free transport for their kids back-and-forth to their homes.Together with my team, we support the families through counselling. I am very confident that this project will add a great value to the community.


Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) is committed to supporting pediatric clients.

PRC will organize its efforts to assure that Best Practice and Quality of Care is always practiced in its continuity.

Our facility offers pediatrics rare and complex conditions to all types of disabilities in children.

We are determined to strengthen the community by effectively addressing all patient and family needs, recognizing both emotional and social demands.


Our medical center offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of complex medical issues of the physical disability that other treatment centers may turn away.

Our priority is providing special care to the development of each child and giving their families educational and emotional support.

We work with families and schools to address the challenges they'll face at home. In addition to our services, we offer the patient pick-up and drop-off services to their homes whilst offering the sessions at the medical center.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre is committed to become the leading specialized healthcare provider in pediatric rehabilitation services, focusing on providing outstanding and comprehensive health services, within Abu Dhabi and across the Gulf.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre has rolled out a new set of core values, which can be found throughout ABILITY to ensure that patients, visitors and staff alike know our commitment to:

  • Team work
  • Collaboration
  • Compassionate Care
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Integrity
  • Leadership commitment to Quality and Safety


  • PRC is dedicated to meet international standards of healthcare for Pediatrics across the UAE, from Neonates to Adolescents.
  • PRC provides state-of-the-art healthcare services, by highly qualified and specialized health care professionals.
  • PRC is a responsive organization, utilizing appropriate technology, sensitive to changing needs of its internal and external stakeholders.


We have consultations available from other sub-specialties. 

Our team works closely with families and patients to determine individualized goals and plans for discharge from service. 

Each patient’s progress and education is important to us. 

Certified Therapists and Special Education Teachers place an emphasis on continuing the patient’s education services in the community, to assist with a smooth transition back to school.